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Today, a reliable IT function is one of the cornerstones of a functioning company.

We have a solution tailored just for you.
  • Identification of your company's needs and a complete solution proposal.
  • Installation of structured cabling, configuration of wireless networks.
  • Installation and configuration of workstations, servers and provision of other technology.
  • Regular checks, prophylaxis, remote monitoring.
  • Management of small networks, antivirus installation, data recovery.

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Service Support
Customer care and long-term relationship is our calling card. We will provide you with IT management outsourcing. Our tech will take care of all your needs.
We are a regularly trained and professional team. Whenever there is a problem in the company in the field of IT, we are ready to intervene.
Software solution that is simply not available on the market? Our programmers will create customized applications and programs for you.
Equipment ages and the company's performance slows down with it. We will help you choose suitable hardware that keeps up with your needs.
For Home

We offer quality computer service at the customer's location at low prices for households.

Every device requires some care. Computer technology requires regular maintenance even in normal operation. With the increasing performance of the graphics card processor, hard drives and memories, it is necessary to remove the heat produced by the named components outside the computer case.
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For Business

We provide comprehensive provision of outsourcing services for small and medium-sized companies.

Don't know how to deal with the network, slow computers, choosing HW or SW equipment? Do you need a website, a system for customer cooperation or simply don't know what to use because you don't know anything about IT? Focus on your work and let us suggest how to improve the IT environment.
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